The Unconventional Coach

Coaching Practicum Program

practicum: a course of study that involves the supervised practical application of previously studied theory

Be miraculously enormous. Be insignificanfly small.  Your clients need both.

Be miraculously enormous. Be insignificanfly small. Your clients need both.


I rarely take extended "vacation" because of the disciplined balance I maintain in my daily work. So, in 2016, after a heartbreak and moment of existential questioning (one of the several times I've "questioned" my purpose), I decided to coach in the quiet spots along my spiritual walk across the Camino de Santiago.

Naturally, passing moments of "Is this unprofessional??" sneaked into my self-talk. I was a far cry from an office, desk, perfect lightening, and polished hair.  The self-doubt followed me like a subtle hum for a few days, until a client uttered these words:

"I am so inspired. Most coaches talk about living their ideal lifestyle. But very few actually do it."

That moment was life-changing: for me AND my client. It forever changed the "rules" of the coaching game, and gave me permission (more like an assignment) to continue being fully ME. And I've been astounded to watch how it gives my clients permission to drop their fears and do the same.

This Coaching Practicum is designed to help YOU lead with your lifestyle first.

Many coaches make the career transition, only to replicate (or extend!) the intolerable sedentary hours behind a desk. This program will push you to prioritize a nature walk as much as a client session. To continually simplifying your life even as your bank account grows.  To coach with no make-up in your sweatpants with equal confidence as in your beautiful power-suit.

This is your permission slip to coach "unprofessionally" and live unapologetically. 

The office is for dying. Nature is for living.

We will spend the next year together rooting your coaching practice in the most natural version of yourself.


80% of coaching with confidence is reinforcing your inner belief that you offer something important.

The cold, hard truth is that your clients NEED coaching. Now, more than ever.

They needs your empathy, your listening skills, and your unique ability to see the whole picture.

They needs you to fully see them, remind them of their brilliance, and help them bring world-saving ideas to life.

So, stop wasting time questioning your worth.

Starting making time to share your much needed talent.

This Coaching Practicum Program is where service meets discipline.

It is your laboratory to:

  • Confront the fear: Coaching changes lives. We will repeat this mantra until you no longer question the value of and need for your service.

  • Practice being "prosperous": Fill your calendar. Coach your ass off. Write proposals. Get comfortable hearing "NO". Practice, practice, practice until you find your client-creation groove.

  • Define your message: Articulate what you stand for. Polish what you're already teaching. Identify the insights the world MUST hear in your voice: the evergreen content for your first book, flagship workshop, or signature program.

Every time you coach you change the world.
— The Prosperous Coach
Be the spark to ignite world-changing fires.

Be the spark to ignite world-changing fires.


Over the next 12 months, we will apply deep-coaching and self-coaching to challenge you to “back into your niche" of clients, practice fearless coaching, and refine your leadership message.

Through the following coaching tools, we will:

Get clear on  WHO you are  and  WHAT you stand for.

Get clear on WHO you are and WHAT you stand for.

1. Deep Inner Work

Unlock creative energy and confidence. Clean up your negative self-talk.  Remove the roadblocks hindering you to coach fearlessly: from your morning routine, to your lifestyle decisions and core personal relationships.


Coaching is like surfing. You only improve by  doing   it .

Coaching is like surfing. You only improve by doing it.

2. Coaching Business Systems

Master the "art" of Client-Creation. Invent coaching distinctions, tools and frameworks. Track the people you meet, the hours you coach, the amount of money you make in proposals.

Rest. Reflect. Write.

Rest. Reflect. Write.

3. Thought Leadership

Experiment. Fail. Reflect. Write. Put attention on your "thought leadership". Craft your big picture experiences and philosophies into a key writing piece, video, keynote speech, and/or workshop that defines your coaching practice.


The commandments of coaching: Connect-Invite-Create-Propose.

The commandments of coaching: Connect-Invite-Create-Propose.

If you haven’t read it yet, commit to studying it immediately. Every strategy in this book works. When it is applied.

Together, we will consistently practice the 18 disciplines of The Prosperous Coach until it the "strategy" becomes how you naturally operate:

  1. Sell the experience, not the concept.

  2. No cold calling.

  3. Know the half-life of enthusiasm.

  4. Do not use e-mail.

  5. Use conversations.

  6. Use certainty vs. belief.

  7. Share stories and case histories.

  8. Find the goal behind the client's "goal".

  9. Needy is creepy.

  10. The Lamp Post Metaphor.

  11. Maintain innocence in getting your yes/no.

  12. Leadership in the close.

  13. Slow down.

  14. Get a coach.

  15. Leave the conversation in the context of possibility.

  16. Limitation creates value.

  17. Be constantly aware of role reversal.

  18. Be GREAT at what you do.. not just good.


  • Deep coaching:

    • 12 months of weekly deep coaching conversations.

    • We will choose a consistent standing time as the first pillar of your consistent business structure. Consider this your weekly CEO (you) meeting with your board of directors (me).

    • Additional coaching conversations between weekly sessions as needed, on urgent personal and professional situations— including coaching you step-by-step to take a potential client from initial connection to final commitment.

  • Self coaching:

    • Client-creation tracking system and accountability

    • Deeper self-coaching reflection questions and exercises, created organically as they apply to your challenges in the art of client creation and fearless coaching.

    • Self coaching report is due to me every Sunday evening. I will send you written feedback by Tuesday each week.

    • Access to my business systems and templates to model and make your own: program structures, real coaching proposals, examples of client creation e-mails, and original coaching exercises.

    • Assistance in creating your personalized baseline business systems, including

      • Your powerful coaching "Agreements"

      • Website with your story, testimonials, and powerful coaching conversation request form

      • Coaching Proposal template

      • Coaching Contract template

      • Client program management system (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

      • Video platform (Zoom or other preferred webinar platform)

  • Pocket Coaching:

    • On-demand coaching via WhatsApp voice notes. While the speed of communication is intentionally not always immediate, my support to you is unlimited.

    • Written creative feedback on your client proposals, e-mails and coaching programs.

  • Private Business Retreats:

    • CEOs have personal coaches by their side for a reason. The caliber of your ideal clients demands nothing less for you.

    • In this Coaching Practicum, we will meet 2-4 times in locations across the world, strategically chosen to increase your visibility as a coach in your industry. These intensive may push you to experiment with a workshop, a dinner series, give a keynote speech at an industry conference, and/or any other related "thought-leadership" opportunity you choose to create.

    • Our first intensive may include attending your first Rich Litvin event, which will be an accelerator to your understanding of “fearless coaching”. My private support there will include evening debriefs to help you avoid the "comparison" trap, and keep you centered in your power and in client-creation mindset (it is as much of a learning opportunity as it is a service opportunity). We will reserve one full-day to integrate your insights and filter what you've learned into an authentic version you can apply in your own client creation.


  • The cost of investing in this Coaching Practicum Program to become a full-time "Pro-coach" is $18,000 USD.

  • This practicum requires your fierce commitment to show up as Pro-coach AND authentically you. This includes intentions to:

    • Persevere in the face of rejection

    • Resist pressures to be like other coaches

    • Consistently invent new ways to connect with new clients; an

    • Propose transformational programs, even when they scare you.

  • Your success relies on your personal responsibility to do the work. Prosperous coaching practices are create by coaching one client at a time. Your hell yes to this Program requires you to coach daily. Period.

This is A LOT of work. There is no silver-bullet answer to creating a sustainable and authentic coaching practice. The ONLY way to get there is to do the work: one conversation, one client at a time.

We will work towards your annual income goal of $100,00+. However, we will focus on what you propose rather than what you earn.  We cannot control the yes/no. What we can control is the amount of powerful programs you create and propose.

Thus, to make this a worthwhile investment based on your financial goal, you must be prepared to do the work it takes to propose $20-35,000 of coaching per month.



Visualize the type of coach you would BE if you consistently proposed this amount of life-changing coaching.

What type of influence would you have in your industry?

What results would the clients you coach-- paid and unpaid-- be seeing if you lead them with that level of confidence?

Now, imagine your private life.

What would your relationships looks like if your #1 professional priority was serving others through daily coaching conversations?

How would the quality of time with your partner, family and friends transform if you showed up as a Prosperous “Pro-coach” in your work life?


Take your decision to hire a coach out of your head and into practice. Rather than tell you about me and my coaching methods, I invite you to experience the impact of a deep coaching conversation first-hand.

This application process requires:

  • 1 hour to simply connect on video call as two human beings

  • 30-60 min to complete a written self-coaching reflection before we speak

  • 2 uninterrupted hours committed to being fully present— and fully vulnerable— in a powerful coaching conversation. This session is designed to test the alignment of your core values with what you say you want to create in your life.

  • 1-2 hours to complete a post-session reflection, and APPLY the key insights through 3 bold action steps.

If you feel ready to explore this level of personal growth and professional commitment to mastering the art of coaching, e-mail me at to schedule a time to connect.

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.
— Dalai Lama