The Unconventional Coach

Be the version of you your clients are dying to see.

Be miraculously enormous. Be insignificanfly small.  Your clients need both.

Be miraculously enormous. Be insignificanfly small. Your clients need both.

Half of the battle of coaching with confidence is reinforcing your inner belief that you offer something important.

The cold, hard truth is that the world NEEDS coaching. Now, more than ever.  

It needs your empathy, your listening skills, and your unique ability to see the whole picture.

It needs you to fully see others, remind them of their brilliance, and help them bring world-saving ideas to life.

Stop wasting time questioning your worth. Starting making time sharing your vision.

This sacred coaching space is where service meets discipline.

It is your laboratory to:

  • Confront the fear: I change lives. I change lives. I change lives. We will repeat this mantra until you no longer question the value of and need for your service.
  • Practice being "prosperous": Fill your calendar. Coach your ass off. Write proposals. Get comfortable hearing "no". Practice, practice, practice until you find your client-creation groove.
  • Define your message: Articulate what you stand for. Polish what you're already teaching. Identify the insights the world MUST hear in your voice: the evergreen content for your book, flagship workshop, or signature program.
Every time you coach you change the world.
— The Prosperous Coach
Be the spark to ignite world-changing fires.

Be the spark to ignite world-changing fires.


Last August-- with my iPad in hand, loaded up with data-- I coached a client on the side of the mountain.

Given the love and balance in my work, I rarely take extended "vacation". So I decided to coach in the quiet nooks and crannies I could find along my 500+ mile hike across the coast of Spain.

Naturally, passing moments of "is this unprofessional?" creeped in. Until my client uttered these words:

"I am so inspired. Most coaches talk about living their ideal lifestyle. But very few actually do it."

The Unconventional Coach Group is for the coach leading with lifestyle first.

The one prioritizing a yoga class or nature walk as much as a client session. The one continually simplifying his life as the bank account grows.  The one coaching unshaven and unbutton, or in a bikini and sunglasses with confidence.

This is your permission slip to coach "unprofessionally" and live unapologetically. 

The office is for dying. Nature is for living.

This group will root your coaching practice in the most natural version of yourself. Playing, exploring, and traveling the world as you transmit your life wisdom and invite others to join you in the unconventionality.


The Unconventional Coach integrates 4 personal-growth tools-- deep-coach, group-coach, peer-coach, and self-coach-- to challenge you to back into your "niche", coach powerfully, and define your leadership.

Each week, we'll rotate the following unique sessions:

Get clear on  WHO you are  and  WHAT you stand for.

Get clear on WHO you are and WHAT you stand for.

1. Energy + ConfidenceDeep-coach (private) 

Unlock creative energy. Clean up your negative self-talk.  Remove the roadblocks hindering your confidence to coach fearlessly: from your morning routine to relationships to managing priorities with other projects/businesses.

Challenge  each other.  See  each other.  Love  each other.

Challenge each other. See each other. Love each other.

2. Observe, study + grow: Group-coach

Witness deep coaching in action. Speak your wildest coaching dreams into reality. Get real about what's stopping you in your client-creation process.


Coaching is like surfing. You only improve by  doing   it . Paddle out my friend.

Coaching is like surfing. You only improve by doing it. Paddle out my friend.

3. Skill + StylePeer-coach

Coach, coach, coach. Go deep, deep, deep. Experience the genius of this group. Learn from unique coaching styles. Invent coaching distinctions and frameworks. Try on what feels good, and bookmark what isn't authentically "you".

Rest. Reflect. Write.

Rest. Reflect. Write.

4. Action + Reflection: Self-coach

Integrate. Coach. Propose. Write. Build the habit of deep inner reflection. Pour love and attention into your "thought leadership": a key writing piece, video, keynote speech, and/or workshop that defines your coaching practice.


The commandments of coaching: Connect-Invite-Create-Propose.

The commandments of coaching: Connect-Invite-Create-Propose.

You've likely read it by now (or perhaps two or three times). And if you haven't, stop here immediately and click the link.

Every strategy in this book words. When it is applied.

Together, we will consistently practice the 18 disciplines of The Prosperous Coach (chapter 13), until it the "strategy" becomes how you naturally operate.


  • 11 months of rotating private/group support: March 2017-Jan 2018
  • Unlimited private support via e-mail and WhatsApp voice notes
  • 2 months (Aug + Dec) for rest, proposal sprints, and "thought leadership" creation
  • 3 coaching peers with unique coaching experience, style and client "niches"
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing idea exchange, peer coaching and feedback
  • Gifted paperback, digital PDF and audio copy of The Prosperous Coach


  • Your skin in the game:
    • $749 drop-in monthly membership
    • $4,269 for 6-month commitment (save $225)
    • $7,415 for 11-month commitment (save $824)
  • Fierce commitment to show up to group coaching sessions and peer coaching (twice per month). Private coaching scheduling is flexible. Integration-week support is up to you.
  • Personal responsibility to do the work. Coach. Daily. Period.