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Remote-work Course

What is "coaching"?

Coaching is an awareness building process based on inquiry (questions) designed to uncover your limiting beliefs and non-obvious desires.  It fuels transformation by framing dreams, challenges and situations from a different perspective--  the one that serves what you want to do, not what you think you “should” do.

Growth happens outside of your comfort zone. Thus, coaching may feel like signing up for an uncomfortable conversation. Deep coaching conversations uncover persistent stories and mindsets that have been holding you back and challenges you to take on a new mindset that better serves your goals.

The coaching process is used in a variety of situations-- from business to relationships to health-- to help you reflect, intentionally listening to your thoughts and feelings, and ultimately help you make decisions from your intuition rather than external pressures and expectations.

Will my personal questions be answered in a group course?

Yes, if you are willing to be vulnerable and share. Each week you will have a chance to speak and contribute to the session.   You can also request personalized feedback in the private Facebook group.  I am committed to helping every student succeed, and acknowledged that everyone learns and grows at a different pace.  I am prepared to meet you where you’re at, AND push you to expand your comfort zone to accelerate your access to true freedom.

To ensure your personal situation is addressed, I recommend requesting coaching in advance of the call by e-mailing a summary of what you’re trying to achieve and where you are stuck. This process will be clearly communicated in your on-boarding process once you join the course.

What is the general time commitment to see a measurable change?

I suggest-- at minimum-- joining the weekly 90 min coaching call.  If you show up truly present and engaged, your beliefs and perspective will start to shift immediately. Most changes flow naturally from there.

“Insight without action is worthless.”- Marie Forleo

That said, you will see little progress unless you push yourself to put his new way of thinking and being into action. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you want a different daily experience, you have to change your daily routines-- from work to relationships to your personal health.

If you want to truly maximize this investment in yourself, expect to put in 2-3 additional hours a week including written reflections through journaling, self-coaching exercises, and lifestyle challenges designed to shake up your life immediately.


What happens if I don’t see results?

What is your refund policy?








I believe that changing your perspective changes everything. I also believe that we as humans have a fraction of control in our lives-- the other half is the connected energy around us. Faith will be a main mindset cultivated throughout the coaching experience. You can put in an order to the universe, however, you cannot force or rush its delivery to you. Our work will focus on taking responsibility for the things you can control in your life.  The results may take days, weeks or months to come to fruition. My goal is to train you to trust the process. For this reason, I do not offer a refund.

In cases in which you are significantly unsatisfied with the course, I will happily gift you our personal time in private coaching to resolve the issue.  The intensity and frequency of this support will vary on a case-by-case basis.

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