Remote-work Course


Work to live starts now..

This is a live group coaching experience and I care about connecting with every student. To do that, I'm keeping each class small and intimate.

Course enrollment is rolling admissions.

You can jump in and start the 12 weeks at any time. Each topic is high-impact and interrelated.  Your start time will simply determine the order in which you dive into each part of work and lifestyle.

I'm thrilled to have friends in the nomad space to share this with their people, so act fast in order to secure a spot.

Once you're registered, you'll receive a welcome e-mail with:

  • A link to our weekly Zoom sessions
  • A link to our private Facebook group
  • A link to the member folder for lifetime access to content
  • Your first self-coaching homework: How free are you really?: A reflection to get real on what you're doing out of pressure and obligation vs. love and fun
You can fall into pivotal moments in life, and you can make them. Working with Christine has provided the perspective I needed to redefine my purpose and create a career around a lifestyle I’ve chosen… not the other way around.
— Chris Scott, Remote Year Alum & Founder, Never Mondays

The 12 weeks group coaching course is $484. That's $40/weekly session.

Pause for a moment. Do you notice yourself immediately thinking: "I can't afford it" ?

That is likely the exact same thinking keeping you trapped in a life and job you don't enjoy.

Re-allocating your money to match your values starts immediately.

Imagine life outside of the cubicle.  Daydream about never having a boss.  Picture touching your product or delivering your service.

NOW: Cook your lunch, skip the morning lattes, or pass on the happy hour and make it happen.

Stop spending on stuff. Start investing in yourself.

Have questions before signing up?