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What is the Remote-work Course?

The Unbounded Lifestyle Remote-work Course is a 12 week coaching course that teaches simple, effective lifestyle habits and mindsets to aspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs who want less meaningless commitments and more travel, time and freedom.

Whether you’re still stuck in the nine-to-five grind, or an overwhelmed nomad struggling to make money to sustain yourself, Unbounded Lifestyle will challenge you to rethink your priorities and overcome your excuses to do what you love and define success on your own terms.

This coaching course is designed to minimize your financial stress by trading in unnecessary lifestyle expenses for more nimble travel, meaningful experiences, and deep connections.

Christine was introduced to me at a pivotal time on my Remote Year journey. I was feeling lost, unsure if I wanted to continue, and confused on what direction to move forward in. She helped to redefine that path, look at situations with a new and fresh perspective and ultimately gain my confidence back to move forward with exploring the business and life opportunities that interest me most. She holds a space for you and challenges you to be your most authentic and true version of yourself which I am forever grateful for. ”
— Sarah Butler, Freelance Project Manager

How does the  course work?


The course covers 9 lifestyle habits and mindsets designed to create more energyclarity and confidence to make big life changes (like quit your job, fire your annoying clients, or sell your stuff to move across the world).  

Each module will:

  • Include self-coaching exercises and lifestyle experiments
  • Recommend readings for further self-study
  • Be recorded for later listening

You’ll get access to the private members page where all content will be available for future reference.

On the fourth week of each month, you can ask burning questions and request coaching on any business or lifestyle issue via Open Coaching.

Students will have access to a private Facebook community for professional networking, ongoing coaching feedback, and travel/business idea exchange.

Each week offers a key teaching on non-obvious mindsets that increase your personal freedom. This learning section includes personal stories, best practices, and tools you can implement immediately.

The remaining time will focus on group coaching: a proven questioning method to uncover the beliefs and fears holding you back from taking action in that specific area of life. Coaching discussions will dig deep on the most important mindset shifts needed to redefine your approach to minimizing mindless work and maximizing free-time to do the things you love.



We often hear that “Time is money.”

Our freedom mantra is: “Money is time”.

If you’re willing to reallocate things that cost money and don’t bring any joy to you, your time and freedom budget will increase significantly.

As a member of the first cohort, you’ll have lifetime access to future courses to reconnect with like-minded people and ask for help as you continue to work remotely and travel.

Who is the Remote-work course for?

Whether you want to quit your job, make space for freelance work you enjoy, or finally launch that start-up you can’t stop thinking about, The Freedom Accelerator is for you.  

Minimizing your material life to travel on a moment’s notice is possible in any remote profession and entrepreneurial venture.  

Our ideal students fall into one of these categories:

Office Day Dreamer.jpg


The Office Day-dreamer

You’re moderately to highly successful in your current job.  You make good money, have good friends, and generally enjoy your daily routine. Each day you realize more and more that you don’t aspire to climb the corporate ladder to be your boss or CEO of the company, but you too scared of the unknown to make a radical change.

Your support system and identity are closely tied to work and you struggle to picture what life could look like outside of your bubble and steady pay-check. Nevertheless, you are bored and constantly think, “Is this all there is?”.

You want a life of more excitement, adventure and meaning and seek help brainstorming the best start-up or freelance work that minimizes risk and opens doors to doing work you actually enjoy.

The Side Hustler.jpeg


The Side-hustler

You are well aware that this corporate lifestyle is not for you.  You’ve invested time and energy strategizing your way out of the company and into a freelance, consulting or entrepreneurial venture to have an impact on the things you care about. You have a solid idea, business plan, and a few low-paying or pro-bono clients to test the waters before you make the career switch.

You struggle to find enough hours in the day to maintain your full time job AND give your passion project the energy and creative thinking it needs. You are exhausted by commuting, and often too tired or frustrated to move things forward in the evenings. You’re too scared to quit your job to go all-in, and even more scared that if you don’t quit, the side-business will never take off.  You feel trapped, low energy and impatient.

You are seeking help to find creative ways to prioritize your side-hustle while meeting your commitments at work.

The Struggling Remote Worker.jpeg


The Struggling Remote-worker/ Freelancer

You took the leap, quit or renegotiated your job, and moved across the world.  You almost always make ends meet, but with constant financial stress and frustration to “market” yourself and find new clients.  You take on any work you can find, even if it’s annoying and doesn’t bring you joy. Or you’re virtually tied to a boss and feel like a slave to your e-mail.

The social pressure to make a $50,000-$100,000+ salary is daunting. You’re concerned about health insurance, saving for retirement and being financially responsible. You also care about living in the moment and are frustrated to see so much of your money go to the future.

You finally have freedom to do what you want, and spend most of it complaining and stressed out. You want help minimizing your lifestyle so you can cut out financial stress and spend more time at the beach, hiking and exploring new places.

What is the investment?


The investment for the Remote-work Course 2017 is $484 (that’s $40/coaching session). 

Pause for a moment. Do you notice yourself immediately thinking: "I can't afford it" ?

That is likely the exact same thinking keeping you tied to a life and job you don't enjoy.

Read on to learn how we'll help you re-allocate your money to match your values.

This is an invitation to stop spending on stuff and start investing in yourself.

How do I join?


This is a live group coaching experience and I care about connecting with every student. To do that, I'm keeping each class small and intimate to 20 clients.

Course enrollment is rolling admissions.

You can jump in and start the 12 weeks at any time. Each topic is high-impact and interrelated.  Your start time will simply determine the order in which you dive into each part of work and lifestyle.

Have questions before signing up?