Terminal 3 & Unbounded Lifestyle

Investing in personal growth to accelerate the future of work.



Remote-work is increasingly a demand of the highly-educated and curious millennial workforce. Corporations are actively seeking ways to retain this much-needed talent, while honoring the conditions necessary for these professionals to stay engaged, challenged and innovative in their roles.

HR teams are largely led by an older generation that lacks the understanding and empathy of the millennial experience: a value-shift from traditional corporate ladder "success" to a more broad emphasis on living a high-quality lifestyle.

Meanwhile, leading remote-work programs are narrowly focused on providing the logistics of adventure travel, while missing the mark on the inner work it takes for remote-workers to be effective and sustainable.



This strategic partnership is an invitation to fill the professional/personal development gap in the remote-work industry.

With customized coaching experiences, proven remote-work mindsets and habits, and curation of small coaching groups that foster vulnerability and trust, we are poised to create resounding success stories that enshrine Terminal 3 as THE catalyst for the tipping point of the re-invented corporate culture, and the global acceleration of the future of work.

Corporations have human resources to grow and develop their people.

Human Resources now has Terminal 3 to grow and develop their corporations.

Together, we can make Terminal 3 the leading provider of remote personal and professional growth.



Coaching is about awareness.  It’s about uncovering your authentic-self and making decisions from your truth.  This happens by routinely reflecting and intentionally listening to your inner thoughts and feelings.

Coaching is a challenge. Growing and expanding only happens outside of your comfort zone.  Effective coaching conversations uncover persistent stories and mindsets that have been holding your clients back from being fully engaged and innovative at work, and push them to transform challenges into opportunities.

Coaching fuels transformation. Unbounded Lifestyle coaching will consistently push your clients to see their goals, challenges and situations from a different perspective--  the perspective that serves what they want to do, not what they think they “should” do.

This opportunity-seeking mindset training will provide the energy, clarity and confidence needed to identify and take responsibility for creating their ideal remote-work and lifestyle.

For those who choose to continue the corporate path, the entrepreneurial mindsets of confidence and curiosity will foster powerful leadership skills and innovative thinking that ultimately enhances their employer's long-term success.




A one month small-group coaching experience to enrich the cultural immersion, foster a global outlook, and provoke a mindset of curiosity and possibility.

This is a level 1 course, ideal for the "study-abroad" remote worker seeking rest, perspective and reconnection with their current company and lifestyle.  

This introductory course plants the seed of a new way of living and working, instigating your corporate clients to come back to Terminal 3 as full-time remote-workers or freelancers.

This is your "taster" experience that develops the confidence and clarity needed to negotiate more favorable remote-work agreements.

Program details:

  • Prerequisite: Ideal Lifestyle Questionnaire

  • Four 90 min small group coaching sessions: one pre-trip, two bi-weekly during travel, and one post-trip

  • Curated online community for digital coaching

  • Groups of 10 (min) - 12 (max)

  • $250 per client


A 3-month group coaching course introducing the lifestyle habits and mindsets required for productive, enjoyable and sustainable remote-work.

This is a level 2 course ideal for the full-time remote worker or struggling freelancer seeking to minimize financial stress and increase a sense of purpose and connection in their travel experiences.

This intermediate course enables your fully remote workers and freelancers to contribute to the Terminal 3 co-working ecosystem as models of effective and sustainable remote work.

These are your success stories to win over cautious corporations and accelerate the rate of change in the future of work.

Program details:

  • Prerequisite: Ideal Lifestyle Questionnaire

  • Three weekly 90 min group coaching sessions.

  • One monthly self-coaching week for application of insights

  • Curated online community for digital coaching

  • Groups of 12 (min) to 15 (max)

  • $185/month per client


A three month small-group coaching & mastermind focused on integrating remote-work mindsets and habits into an entrepreneurial venture-- including internal corporate initiatives.

This is a level-3 course ideal for the ambitious remote-worker and restless freelancer seeking to take their talents and ideas to the next level via a larger scale project or business.

The content of this course is intentionally de-structured, with coaching themes customized to the needs, skills and business goals of each unique group.

This advanced course incubates and enhances the success of like-minded small businesses and remote teams, who in turn may leverage your level 1 and 2 courses to develop their own remote employees.

Program details:

  • Prerequisite: completion of the 3 month remote-work course

  • Business/project vision & strategy assessment

  • Two weekly 120 min sessions

  • One monthly self-coaching week for application of insights

  • Curated community for digital coaching and mastermind exchange

  • Groups of 6 (min) to 8 (max)

  • $200/month per client


Unbounded Lifestyle offers the whole package:

  • Customized coaching content creation
  • Top-quality coaching leadership and course delivery

The first 5-8 groups will be personally coached by me (Christine).  Once I refine the coaching content and reach my delivery capacity, the subsequent groups will be lead by a team of coaches I personally hand-pick, train and support. This team will grow as needed to meet your rate of business growth.

How will we scale? I bring to the table intimate relationships with 40 top-performing coaches from the 4PC leadership Mastermind, a community of 200+ coaches in the Prosperous Coach community, and 4 former private clients whom I've developed into sustainable coaches living the remote-work lifestyle.

I value my time, health and lifestyle. And I live my values. Thus, I'm committed to maintaining a similar ratio of 5-8 groups per each member of my team to ensure the highest quality of coaching and support to your clients.

While the above programs are designed to complement the live travel experience, we could also look to design stand-alone private and small-group coaching to be included in your co-working packages.  The coaching cost and content could be negotiated at a later date, once we assess results of the above and better understand what type of growth support is in demand for a fully remote worker who has advanced through all 3 levels of coaching.



Experience & Training:

I have one foot in the high-performing coaching world, and one foot in the digital nomad lifestyle world.  Given my unique background of UN-level international project management, a master's degrees in teaching, membership of the top 4% of coaches leadership group, and backpacker wanderlust, I am uniquely poised to grow with your business while keeping my coaching integrity intact.  I only teach the remote-work habits I personally live and practice.

Put simply, my professional caliber of coaching AND hands-on remote work experience is hard to match.

Before going fully remote, I graduated Georgetown University with a BS in International Politics and the University of Miami with a MA in Education and Social Change. I’m a Teach For America Miami-Dade alumna, former United Nations Global Compact Consultant, trained Mindfulness Facilitator for the Hawn Foundation, and alumna of the Rich Litvin 4PC Coaching Leadership Mastermind. I've worked intensively with a private coach since 2014, and continue to develop my coaching skills through disciplined practice and various group coaching intensives.

You can read about how I fell backwards into the remote-work world here.

Since then, I’ve coached over 60 nomads and have worked with 100+  other private clients, from business owners, to coaches to corporate executives.

Coaching Philosophy:

My work stems from a fascination with human nature. While every coaching relationship is customized, each program includes the fundamentals: lifestyle habits based on 8 universal human needs I believe are the the gateway to energy, clarity and confidence to live more freely, healthy and sustainably.

Beyond this, powerful conversations are guided by my coaching values: confidentiality, being present, curiosity, vulnerability, love, faith, communication, responsibility and commitment.


It’s hard to put me in a box, including one location. Pioneering the digital nomad lifestyle since 2013, I broadcast my coaching, writing and business scheming from various sleepy beach towns across the world.  My intention is to create a sense of home and community across the world by investing at least 6 months of my life in each new location. Most days include speaking a foreign language, dancing, reading, yoga, and cooking.



Before working with Christine I had a cloudy perspective on what truly motivates me and what direction I wanted to take my life. After only 3 conversations she truly helped me find clarity on what matters most to me and how to start taking steps toward building the life I want. The most amazing part was how she did not dictate what or how that should unfold, but instead guided me toward discovering what that was for myself, on my own terms. Christine has a lot of energy and tons of insight for a young woman, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Joe Matta, Remote Year 1, Independent Finance Consultant & Entrepreneur
Christine has provided a space for me to explore my business ideas, with a focus on lifestyle design and creating something truly fulfilling as opposed to just another project. She also helped me make changes in my life that provided me with a lot of confidence and energy. Her balanced approach also enabled me to change my perspective on enjoyment and relationships.
— Melissa Rodriguez, Founder of The Gods Playground
You can fall into pivotal moments in life and you can make them. Working with Christine has provided the perspective I needed to redefine my purpose and create a career around a lifestyle I’ve chosen… not the other way around.
— Chris Scott, Remote Year 1, Founder of Never Mondays
I felt the coaching session was grounded in the reality of how your own individual perspective and choices really do form your life. I am a big fan of holding oneself accountable for the way your life is, not external circumstances, and I think the coaching session really helped people see that we are truly masters of what we create. Also, from a practical perspective, I got some ideas that I hadn’t considered or knew were available before - this is a very big value of group collaboration. I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Kate and Christine.
— Tracey Forgue, Freelancer Project Manager, Founder of Know Your World
Christine’s strength is posing unique questions that allow you to view a situation from a very fresh perspective and identify powerful blind spots that may be preventing you from making headway in goals. She then focuses on moving through whatever is preventing your progress in an empowering way that leaves you excited to approach challenges. I have been working with Christine for just over a month and have already seen tremendous advancement in goals I have had for many years, and in which I had been previously stuck. Her integrated technique, which interweaves health, personal and professional elements, is incredibly effective.
— Sara Cousins, Remote Year 1, Associate, Membership & Industry Partners. EMPEA
Christine was introduced to me at a pivotal time on my Remote Year journey. I was feeling lost, unsure if I wanted to continue, and confused on what direction to move forward in. She helped to redefine that path, look at situations with a new and fresh perspective and ultimately gain my confidence back to move forward with exploring the business and life opportunities that interest me most. She holds a space for you and challenges you to be your most authentic and true version of yourself which I am forever grateful for.
— Sarah Butler, Remote Year 1, Freelance Project Manager.
The group coaching session was really informative & challenged my present views on how to deal with going about being the CEO of your life & working to live instead of living to work. Christine who has been doing this for a while now shared the right mindset to have along with the resources that help in living life on your own terms. Her discussions with the other participants led me to think that the biggest thing in our way is our own fear and once that is conquered we are really free of the societal conditionings to actually live life.
— Prateek U., Freelancer


  1. If we are aligned on values and visions, e-mail me to coordinate a Terminal 3 leadership team group coaching session to experience my coaching style and methodology in action (a gift to you).

  2. If this is a hell yes opportunity, a $2,500 upfront payment is required two weeks in advance of the first Phase 2 Transformation group (3-month course) to finalize customized course design, as this is most work-intensive program to prepare.

    This will enable me to work closely with your team to co-create a final curriculum that unites my professional recommendations and your business culture and goals.  With personal growth as your USP, it's integral to make your leadership feel apart of the process, such that you can model what you teach with consistency.

    Please note this is simply a deposit, not an additional consulting fee.  Negotiation of a service provider contract, NDA agreements (if applicable), mutually agreeable exclusive content rights, and payment terms will also occur in this phase.

  3. Ongoing communication, feedback and course refinement leading up to and throughout the first course cohorts (for all 3 phases).

I've spent 18 months brainstorming and piloting a very similar coaching solution for the leading program Remote Year. They are regretfully not willing or able to take on a coaching initiative at this time. Once we're in alignment on values and vision, I will share a detailed assessment of their biggest pitfalls and missteps you might easily avoid by putting attention the personal growth of your people and customers.

Together, we can lead usher in the future of work by leading a movement of millennials to sustainably upgrade their lifestyle, 10x their professional effectiveness, and incubate their ideas into entrepreneurial successes.

With love & gratitude,