Simply Human Business

Energy. Clarity. Confidence.


This is a business coaching program for  entrepreneurs who love personal-development.

My coaching specialty is growing small-businesses by focusing on one very important element overlooked by other coaches & consultants: the founder's energy & wellbeing.

Whether solo-preneur or team leader, optimizing energy through lifestyle routines will:

  • Create more hours in the day to get things done (working in the business)

  • Add time to discover growth opportunities (working on the business)

  • Strengthen authenticity and confidence in decision-making

  • Clarify priorities and align them with what actually matters most

  • Amplify that creative edge that keeps you interested in the business, and interesting to clients and investors


This group is for creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs who care about health & freedom as much as income and impact.

It's for creative people who have tried other business methods and feel like they're still operation at a fraction of their highest potential.

The top two symptoms I most commonly see in these high-achievers are:

  • overwhelm: confused about priorities and lacking clarity on what to do next; and/or

  • boredom: wanting to throw it all away and start over, easily distracted by new ideas

Common signs you feel a gap between your greatness and your current success:

  • You constantly think: Am I doing enough?

  • You often oscillate between excitement and confidence in your ideas, and questioning if you're focusing on the right thing.

  • You rarely celebrate success and immediately move to the next task and goal.

  • You often experience an overwhelming flow of creative ideas and feel like you need to implement them all immediately. You feel inspired and overwhelmed at the same time.

  • You know you operate faster than most other people, and often keep yourself small as to not out-shine others. It is your greatness-- not your failures-- that scares you most.

  • You believe in the power of reflection and coaching, and you simply can't justify another big investment in private coaching

If you believe you are awesome now, and are destined to be even more awesome in the future-- this group is for you. 

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Small-group Coaching:


  • Lifestyle: Each week we'll rotate through the 8 areas of life from our self-coaching report.  The content of our conversation and flow of topics will be shaped by YOU and the dynamic of strengthens, goals and challenges shared in the group. 

  • Business: Three weeks will be complete "open coaching": a space to go deep on other important business growth elements, including strategy, creative brainstorming, and challenging business/personal relationships.

  • Private: The final week is a private coaching session, design for you to synthesize your ideas and insights, and create a plan to implement your remaining business goals

2-hour Session Structure: 

  • 30 min of teaching & instigating alternative perspectives on the simple yet powerful “lifestyle habit”. Pulling ideas, science and quotes from this reading list, I will poke holes into where you are being inconsistent and draining your energy.

  • 90 min coaching sparked by the simple question: Where does this show up in your business? How you do anything is how you do everything.



  • love cooking

  • hack your health & brain

  • drink less


  • slip in daily sweat

  • create a lifestyle of fun

  • balance intensity with rest

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  • plan weekend getaways

  • leverage the outdoors

  • digital detox


Week 4:



  • love your body

  • own your sex drive

  • ask for what you want

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  • Connect with your intuition

  • Create space for silence

  • Meditate, journal and vision

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Week 7: PLAY

  • Do what you love for fun

  • Laugh often

  • Take risks to try new things


Week 8:


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  • Identify your values and mission

  • Express your creativity

  • Access your "flow" state

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Be tiny. Be enormous.jpg


  • Deepen relationships

  • Tell the truth

  • Build your tribe


Week 11: 




Week 12:


Additional Program Details:

  • Weekly Self-coaching Report: Confidential written feedback on your self-talk and creative ideas, identical to how you received it in our private coaching

  • Tight community of talented leaders: A unique bond with 2 other inspiring creative-thinkers, potentially across industries, continents, and generations (thinking next mentor, collaborator, service provider, mastermind partner..)

  • Group vs. Private experience: Imagine our deep coaching and lifestyle experiments being witnessed be other powerful people. The added bonus is hearing other people's creative ideas, empathizing with their challenges, and seeing yourself in their insights regarding the human experience. I am only ever coaching 1 person in the moment.  (Please note: this is not a facilitated group conversation. It’s a deep coaching experience). 

  • Financial investment: $1600, paid upfront.

  • Optional private coaching: Add-on individual sessions as needed, at a special rate of $200/session

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Making a powerful decision:

You may have been a hell-yes before even reading the details.

Or.. you may trust me and the coaching process, AND have concerns about the group structure and topics of the program.

Remember, deep coaching is an organic process. And coaching is a 200% percent game (or in this case, 600%!). YOU create your experience, and YOU create the external results you want to see as a return on investment.

If you're stuck in "maybe",  get quiet ask yourself:

  • Who would I be 3 months from now with this level of confidence, self-awareness & consciousness in my decision-making?

  • Is this resistance fear or intuition?

Listen for your truth. You'll know what to do from there.

With love, power & gratitude,