Simply Human

8 simple habits to unlock energy, clarity and confidence and design a lifestyle of freedom.


A truth-telling journal to save yourself (and humanity).


Lifestyle First

"Superhuman" vs. Simply Human

It's a tiny shift away from escaping your humanness to embracing it. If you're exhausted from constant multi-tasking, hiding your true feelings, and cramming yourself into office spaces-- it's time for a new way of living.

Simply Human takes you back to your most primal roots: 8 simple aspects of human nature which you can feed yourself for free each day through energy-giving habits and routines. This lifestyle ultimately creates more physical energy, mental clarity and confidence to be fully seen in your relationships, and fully expressed in your work.

This personal growth system will push you to take your life off auto-pilot and think critically about what you eat, how you sex, why you work, and what you love. The first half is a guide to understanding these 8 human needs through stories and best practices. The second half is a self-coaching journal designed to identify your energy-draining habits, and inspire you to change them through tiny life experiments.

Guaranteed side effects include buzzing physical and mental energy, deep & authentic relationships, and increased confidence and creativity in your work.


This self-coaching book will guide you to:


  • love cooking

  • hack your health

  • drink less


  • slip in daily sweat

  • create a lifestyle of fun

  • balance intensity with rest


  • plan weekend getaways

  • leverage the outdoors

  • digital detox


  • love your body (all of it)

  • own your sex drive

  • ask for what you want

Contemplate the world.jpg



  • Connect with your intuition

  • Create space for silence

  • Practice gratitude and prayer



  • Do what you love for fun

  • Laugh often

  • Take risks to try new things



  • Add value to others

  • Access your "flow" state

  • Create meaningful work


  • Deepen relationships

  • Tell the truth

  • Belong to something

The mission of this book is..

  • To empower you to outsmart the fear of change via playful lifestyle experiments.

  • To re-train you to listen to your body and the inner voice that never lies: your intuition.

  • To reconnect you with the simple fundamentals of a life worth living.

  • To ignite an inner power that awakens you to the cultural madness of unnatural living, and instigates you to join the movement to save humanity.



While I've been technically “working on myself” since a childhood bullying experience pushed me into body consciousness and health awareness (more on that in Chapter 1), the puzzle pieces truly fell together throughout a year long deep coaching process with my coach, Monica Day.

Sitting at her kitchen table in Philadelphia, she watched with care as I slowly imprinted these lifestyle habits with colorful markers onto a big white piece of paper.

The first two were obvious non-negotiables: Eat Clean and Be Active. With the backdrop of countless scientific studies and an entire "fitness" industry validating the claims of nutrition and exercise, I knew in my bones that what I ate (a non-processed Paleo diet) had a direct connection to my physical strength, ability to focus, and overall positive enthusiasm for life.

Three years of faithful eating like our hunter-gather ancestors, I had watched how the food I ate, and avoided, directly fueled my daily motivation and mental discipline to be active each day.  “Clean” eating (the simplest way I can think to name it) plus exercise created a virtuous feedback loop via endorphins. Or a “Energy Cocktail”, as I like to call it: high-energy foods increased my propensity to do energy-giving physical activity, which blessed me with even more physical & emotional energy (runner’s high anyone?), and a secondary benefit of falling in love with my physical appearance. Perhaps the obvious equation here is: Energizing food x Energizing activity = Energy^2.

Basically, what I ate and how I moved-- from seasons of dance, to yoga, to crossfit, to surfing-- seemed like the secret sauce to sustained optimism. And, as we’ll see, only one part of the recipe..


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