Making a year of travel into a year of transformation.


Freedom is addicting.

As a former remote-worker turned solopreneur, I intimately know what it takes to turn location-free work into a sustainable lifestyle you love.

In 2012, I knew working for the UN from Brazil would be a life-changing experience. What I couldn't predict was the inner transformation that would ensue beyond my enjoyment of working outside of an office.

Suddenly, I had the space to stop and think-- does this work really fulfill me?

Within a few months, the constant stress of being tied to my e-mail began to nag me. And my definition of "freedom" began to expand: what if I had creative freedom over what I do and when I do it?


You've grown. You've changed. You've expanded.

And you might be feeling the same exact way.

If you're like me, the idea of living in the "real world" doesn't fit with your new paradigm of living.

You've stretched your comfort zone to integrate into cultures across the world. You've been inspired by new interests, ideas and people. You've experienced in 10 months what most people don't see in a lifetime.

Now what?


What if you didn't have to choose between living a free travel life and going back to your "old" routine?

What if you could access the clarity, confidence and motivation to create your ideal work and lifestyle outside of the boundaries of a time-bound, office-approved program?

What if there was a third option to satisfy your need for adventure while feeling connected to home?


Remote coaching is designed to help you CREATE this next phase beyond Remote Year.

Coaching fuels transformation.

Our conversation will guide you to clarity on what your ideal life looks like,  and push you to see past perceived challenges with a different perspective--  one that serves what you want to do, not what you think you “should” do.

This is in invitation to specificity and responsibility: What exactly do I want and what ownership am I willing to take to create it?

In one conversation, we'll evolve your mindset into believing your ideal professional life and lifestyle is possible, and then break it down into actionable steps to make it your reality.