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My specialty is Business Coaching for entrepreneurs who love personal development.

We focus on one very important yet overlooked element: the founder’s energy and wellbeing.

I've helped over 30 entrepreneurial leaders optimize their time and energy to sustain a meaningful business.

This approach is for highly-creative people who may have tried other business-growth methods (ie. productivity, strategy, or sales coaching) and feel like they are still operating at a fraction of their potential.

Two symptoms I consistently see are:

  1. boredom (wanting to throw it all away and start over)

  2. overwhelm (doubting decisions and lacking clarity on what to do next)

Whether solo-preneur or team leader, optimizing energy through lifestyle routines will:

  • Create more hours in the day to get things done (working in the business)

  • Add time for discovering growth opportunities (working on the business)

  • Strengthen your authenticity and confidence in decision-making

  • Clarify priorities and align them with your values and goal

  • Amplify that creative edge that keeps you interested in the business and interesting to clients


How to get started:

  • Contemplate the below reflection questions. Dwell on them on a walk, in a meditation, in the shower, etc. When you feel calm and relaxed, sit in a sacred place in your home, grab a journal, and free-write.

  • Request a session. Come back to this page and transcribe your answers. Take the first baby step towards your goal by investing a powerful coaching conversation.


My time is valuable, and my energy is powerful.

Many clients call it "life-changing".

So, this first session is deep and generous. It might be transformational. It might unlock a 6-month process.  Uphold these agreements to hold nothing back, and it will forever change the course of your life and business.

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