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Holistic business coaching is for entrepreneurs ready to do their “inner work”.

My most successful clients are *committed* to deep conversations, meditation, journaling and lifestyle experiments as the tools for growth and transformation. These stories demonstrate what’s possible when you look at your business as an extension of the “whole person” and your higher-self.


How to start your self-exploration:

  1. Contemplate the below reflection questions. Dwell on them on a walk, in a meditation, in the shower, etc. When you feel calm and relaxed, sit in a sacred place in your home, grab a journal, and free-write.

  2. Request a session. Come back to this page and transcribe your answers. Take the first baby step towards your bold and meaningful goal by investing your time in a powerful coaching conversation.

  3. Read our Coaching Agreements. Reflect on what these values and ways of being mean to you in your life.

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How does long-term coaching work ?

Every coaching program is unique and organically created, based on your personal challenges and unique entrepreneurial “assignment” in this life— that is, your purpose and special expression of love via business.

That said, this first session is as deep as if we’ve been working together for years. It might be transformationally clarifying and all you need at this time. Or, it might unlock a 6-month process to clean up old habits and lay the sustainable groundwork for a bold project or company. We cannot know, we can only trust we’ve been called to connect in this moment for some bigger reason.

Simply show up fully you, hold nothing back, and it will forever change the course of your life and business.