Are you starting 2017 with a bold vision?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the bigness of it all?

It's the best kept secret of most entrepreneurs. Tons of talent and drive. Starved for rest and reflection.

You're not alone.  And you don't have to go through it alone.

Coaching is your solution to the solo-preneur dilemma:

How do I deal with loneliness and overwhelm while keeping full ownership of my ideas?

Finally you can bring fresh ideas, energy and confidence into your business while maintaining control over your decision-making.

My most brilliant and successful clients come to me with a struggle to identify priorities and execute tiny daily steps towards the goal.  With a few tweaks, we create a mindset--- and schedule-- that bakes in daily and weekly reflection into the way they do business.

A guest speaker in my college personal finance class once said, "The most important quality of leadership is self-awareness.He was founder of the Motley Fool and The Seed School-- killing it financially and philanthropically. Given his track record of success, that advice stuck. Now I know why.

Your most powerful business tool is your intuition.

Your gut. The feeling, not the thinking. The irrational creative thought, not the logical justification. Strategy has it's place, of course. But without a strong sense of your intuition, you're literally working with half a brain.

Looking inward is where you'll unlock creative ideas to stand out in the marketplace.  And create empathy to expand your partnerships and allies through real, deep relationships rather than "prove" yourself.  And stop taking the failures and mistakes so damn personally.

If you believe in something greater than yourself, and know deep down you don't want to do it all alone, read on. We've got BIG world problems to solve. Humanity is counting on you...

Switch on Delight workshop @ the Nomad Cruise. Because sometimes we need to just trust and follow..

Switch on Delight workshop @ the Nomad Cruise. Because sometimes we need to just trust and follow..

Unbounded Coaching is for loving, curious, creative entrepreneurs with balls.

Will you do as much as it takes, as long as it takes?
Are you willing to ruin the party?
Will you speak when no one else is saying what must be said? 2017 is asking.
— Danielle La Porte

Yes, I said it. Balls.

People with balls stand for something bigger than themselves: a vision, a mission, a purpose. They stay resilient in the face of challenges. Ballsy people see the word "NO" as an opportunity to get creative and grow. They roll up their sleeves and get weirdly excited to solve problems. Most of all, they get back to work. And ask for help. Until their soul-level vision becomes life-changing reality.

My secret "co-founder"...

The two most impactful factors of my power-- the ability to influence others and create things (change, resources, impact, beauty) --has been two distinct roles in my life: my coach Monica and my mastermind peer Danielle.

Each one is brilliant, supportive and challenges me to grow into and even better version of myself. Monica pulls out limiting beliefs and sheds a light on where I'm holding myself back out of fear or selfishness. Danielle fuels my entrepreneurial fire with enthusiasm, new hot ideas and the "I know exactly what you're feeling" type of support (we call our multi-hour sessions "Biz & Boyz" and always wish they were longer).

Scrappy remote business brainstorming in Nosara, Costa Rica. Mind-maps WORK!

Scrappy remote business brainstorming in Nosara, Costa Rica. Mind-maps WORK!

The results:

  • deeper understanding of how to articulate and communicate my existing plans
  • brain orgasms of completely new ideas
  • the confidence to execute my vision despite the ongoing fears of failure and judgement

Most people try to do it all alone.  A few realize the fun and ease that comes with a little bit of help. And succeed farther. Faster.

Food for Thought event in Montevideo// Remote Year coaching experiment

Food for Thought event in Montevideo// Remote Year coaching experiment

Invest in yourself, and your business will reap the dividends. Ask for help, and you can expect to feel:

Arch Angel Academy in Long Beach, CA. Empathy means  I see you.

Arch Angel Academy in Long Beach, CA. Empathy means I see you.

  • Understood and accepted for who you are
  • Gratitude and self-love for your unique strengths, obsessions and triggers
  • Enthusiastic about your purpose and big vision
  • Confidence to experiment with new programs/projects/products in your business
  • Connected to a likeminded, loving leaders
  • Trust and faith in the part of the creative process outside of your control

Coffee shop truth bomb close to my hometown, NJ. And the "fundamentals" of how we operate:  a solid morning routine .

Coffee shop truth bomb close to my hometown, NJ. And the "fundamentals" of how we operate: a solid morning routine.

This all starts with a conversation.

Prioritize yourself for two hours, and I will gift you a life-changing coaching experience.

I call these "Karma Calls", because they create energy.  I never know how it will come back, but it always does. Perhaps we're a fit and will work together immediately-- in POWER or another program. Perhaps you'll think of our connection one year from now when the tide shifts and you're ready for a next level. Perhaps you'll think of someone you adore and play matchmaker. It's all gravy baby. Because it's all part of the process. FAITH is one of my core coaching agreements for a reason. Because I believe in this organic process that unfolds with ease and unpredictability. The universe is watching and will return all that is given.

Are you curious to feel the confidence in yourself that you know has been missing? Are you ready to be completely seen? Are you dying  to learn what true self-love looks like?

Say yes to yourself.  Just this one time. And trust the rest will follow.

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.
— Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The intangible value of coaching is to be experienced.

Here's what a few clients had to say about their experience co-creating their business to support their ideal lifestyle..


As my mastermind confidant and thinking partner for the last three years, Christine plays an integral part of my ongoing personal and professional development. She is an empathetic listener who asks bold coaching questions that help me to live with integrity to my values and empower me along my entrepreneurial journey. Christine ensures I have the mindset, confidence, vision and action plan to launch my business and make big dreams come alive. She imbues energy, enthusiasm and excellence into every conversation.
— Danielle DiMare, Founder + CEO of Kindra
Joe Matta.jpg
Before working with Christine I had a cloudy perspective on what truly motivates me and what direction I wanted to take my life. After only 3 conversations she truly helped me find clarity on what matters most to me and how to start taking steps toward building the life I want. The most amazing part was how she did not dictate what or how that should unfold, but instead guided me toward discovering what that was for myself, on my own terms. Christine has a lot of energy and tons of insight for a young woman, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Joe Matta, Independent Consultant & Entrepreneur
Working with Christine as my coach has given me the push I needed to begin moving forward with my own business. Before working with her, all of my dreams and goals were in my head and I lacked the confidence to move forward. I feel like I have a partner now that encourages me and challenges me to take the steps needed to become the person I need to become in order to create the business and life of my dreams!
— Donna C, Los Angeles
Christine has provided a space for me to explore my business ideas, with a focus on lifestyle design and creating something truly fulfilling as opposed to just another project. Currently I’m working on the launch of my new business, and Christine is quick to help with resources such as specific strategy frameworks, ideas and introductions.
— Melissa Rodriguez, serial entrepreneur & Founder of The Gods Playground
You can fall into pivotal moments in life and you can make them. Working with Christine has provided the perspective I needed to redefine my purpose and create a career around a lifestyle I’ve chosen… not the other way around.
— Chris Scott, Founder, Never Mondays