Pen to Publish

Your trusted writing group to finally write THE BOOK.

You know, the one nagging you to be written:

The memoir to heal your soul. The fictional journey to ink your imagination. The screenplay to launch your career. The non-fiction wisdom ready to change lives.

This program is for thought leaders: professionals and creatives with an opinion and authentic life experience to support it.

The world NEEDS your story. Now, more than ever.

Have you..

  • Written a brilliant outline, several chapters and just can't get yourself to sit and execute?
  • Perfected a flagship workshop or business approach that flawlessly delivers every time?
  • Simply observed the world with care and precision through your journal?

If so, you are a writer with a message waiting to be heard. Welcome.

This sacred writing space is where creativity meets discipline.

It is your laboratory to:

  • Articulate ideas: Speak your life stories. Share your worldly observations. Translate pain and joy into your best writing material.
  • Edit your prose: Drop the "writer's block" by showing up to do the work.  Build the habit of 1-hour daily writing.  Get honest feedback through peer-editing.
  • Work the system: Download savvy know-how from publishing experts and published authors. Create a book proposal plan. Make a well-researched decision to self-publish or pursue a book deal.
The story Iā€™m writing exists, written in absolutely perfect fashion, some place, in the air. All I must do is find it and copy it.
— Jules Renard, Diary, February 1895


This is the writing group I wish I had-- right now, in this moment-- as I write my first book: Be SUPER Human. My personal goal is to complete and submit a meticulously researched and polished book proposal by Nov 2017.  And I need support to get there.

This is your permission slip to be a shitty writer. To put your excuses, fears and standards-of-excellence aside and just write.  You and I both know they are killing your writing aspirations and crushing your soul.

Put simply, we are in this together. I am fighting the same battles of perfectionism and befriending my own creative flow.

You bring the creative writing ideas. I'll bring the magic of coaching to help you mold them into a masterpiece.


Pen to Publish packages 4 proven strategies to get you writing and on the path to publishing.

Each week, we'll rotate the following unique sessions:

Speak your ideas. Capture what makes other people light up.

Speak your ideas. Capture what makes other people light up.

1.  Ideas and Insights: Group Coaching

Speak before you write. Share observations from your life, the world, and the writing process. Learn from the ups-and-downs of writing peers. Get to know your personal creative process.

2. Energy + Confidence: Private 1:1 Coaching

Creativity is messy. Let yourself be messy.

Creativity is messy. Let yourself be messy.

Unlock mental energy. Clean up your negative self-talk.  Remove the roadblocks hindering your creativity and confidence: from your morning routine to relationships to setting priorities at your day-job.

Build the writing habit.   Do the work.

Build the writing habit. Do the work.

3. Craft + Voice: Editing Mastermind

Your monthly accountability to do the work: 1 hour of daily writing. Real-deal peer editing of your manuscript.  Group Medium publication to rip off the visibility band-aid and practice being seen, refined and rejected.

Visualize  your success. Feel the crisp pages. See yourself peeking at the book spine with pride.

Visualize your success. Feel the crisp pages. See yourself peeking at the book spine with pride.

4. Strategy + Know-howIndustry Expert Conversations

Get your burning questions answered by published authors and publishing insiders. Learn the unspoken rules to avoid the "slush pile". Make an impression and start a key relationship. 


Agents. Editors. Online platforms. Oh my.

Our blueprint will be Your Big Beautiful Book Plan: a savvy guide to the ins and outs of getting published.  This bible includes real winning book proposals which we will model (think bestsellers and classic like Tim Ferriss's 4HWW)  and a step-by-step book proposal guide we will master. Your personal digital copy and access to the audios is included in your group investment.


  • 11 months of support: March 2017-Jan 2018
  • 2 months for rest, writing sprints and idea integration: Aug + Dec
  • 6 writing peers with passion and drive (including me!)
  • Subscription to Ilys flow writing software to kill "writer's block"
  • Group Medium publication to be visible and build your platform. (Title and content will be co-created by the final members)
  • Digital copy of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing idea exchange, peer editing and feedback
  • Gifted required reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


  • Your skin in the game:
    • $400 monthly membership
    • $2,280 for 6-month commitment (save $120)
    • $3,960 for 11-month commitment (save $440)
  • Fierce commitment to show up to group coaching sessions and peer editing (twice per month). Private coaching scheduling is flexible. Expert conversations will be recorded.
  • Personal responsibility to do the work. Write. Daily. Period.