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CODINO Barcelona: Group Coaching Experience


Without a mindful approach to transitioning and creating new routines, jumping into the digital nomad lifestyle can be lonely and overwhelming.

This group coaching session is for aspiring minimalists and entrepreneurial thinkers who value deep relationships and unique experiences over materials things.

Whether you want to keep your job and negotiate working from home, expand your freelance or consulting practice, or jump-start your own business idea, this experience will give you clarity on the lifestyle you want, and the confidence to make bold requests to get it.

EVENT DATE: May 9th @ 19:30PM

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Camino wild and free.jpeg

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What to expect:

Coaching is an awareness building process based on inquiry (questions) designed to uncover your limiting beliefs and non-obvious desires.  It fuels transformation by framing dreams, challenges and situations from a different perspective--  the one that serves what you want to do, not what you think you “should” do.

In this group session we will

  • Uncover fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from going fully remote

  • Write you a permission slip to feel scared and do it anyway

  • Explore practical ways to minimize financial stress and external expectations

How to prepare:

Reserve a spot by answering this short reflection survey. This is meant to tap into your intuition. There is no one right way to answer them.  All answers will be kept confidential between Theo and Christine, and are intended to give us a deeper understanding and where/why you’re stuck in the decision to live a nomadic life.

What to bring:

Your true self (not the instagram filter version). A journal, pen, and an offline version of your reflection responses.