CODINO Group Coaching Experience

Mindsets and Habits to sustain a life of freedom

Freedom is addicting.

As a former remote-worker turned solopreneur, I intimately know what it takes to turn location-free work into a sustainable lifestyle you love.

In 2012, I knew working for the UN from Brazil would be a life-changing experience. What I couldn't predict was the inner transformation that would ensue beyond my enjoyment of working outside of an office.

Suddenly, I had the space to stop and think-- does this work really fulfill me?

Within a few months, the constant stress of being tied to my e-mail began to nag me. And my definition of "freedom" began to expand: what if I had creative freedom over what I do and when I do it?


You're growing. You're changing. You're expanding.

And you might be feeling the same exact way.

If you're like me, the idea of going back to the "real world" doesn't fit with your new way of living.

You're stretching your comfort zone to integrate into cultures across the world. You're consistently inspired by new interests, ideas and people. By the end, you will have experienced in 12 months what most people don't see in a lifetime.

Coaching the Remote Year 1 community last month, I learned that the RY journey from month 3 to 10 is equally challenging as it is amazing.  This makes sense, since growth happens outside your comfort zone.

So I asked them: What do you wish you had done differently in month 3 to set you up for success?

The resounding answer was more time and energy focused on crafting a plan to create income doing something they LOVE to sustain this location-free lifestyle before the end of the program.


Your life changed the moment you joined Remote Year.

And you still have 9 new adventures to experience across the world.  As reality sets in of this being an entire year of your life, you may already be thinking: What's next?

What if you didn't have to choose between living a free travel life and going back to your "old" routine?

What if you could access the clarity, confidence and motivation to create your ideal work and lifestyle outside of the boundaries of a time-bound, office-approved program?

What if there was a third option to satisfy your desire for adventure while feeling connected to "home"?


Remote Coaching will help you ENJOY your current experience while CREATING your ideal work and lifestyle beyond the program.

This experience will guide you to clarity on what your ideal work/business and lifestyle looks like based on what you WANT to do, not what you think you "should" do.

In one conversation, we'll create a motivated mindset that believes what you want is possible, and then break it down into actionable steps and challenge you to take action.

This is in invitation to specificity and responsibility.  It will challenge you to ask yourselfWhat exactly do I want in my life, and what ownership am I willing to take to create it?

Over the next three weeks, I invite you to take a step outside of the Remote Year world and take a moment to explore what a life filled with energy and purpose could look like for you beyond the support of this community.

I pour tons of love and energy into every private conversation, so only 30 spots are available.  Click below to reserve a time that works for you.

With love & gratitude,