Respect Confidentiality: We agree to keep what we discuss during our coaching conversations completely confidential.

Be present: We agree to be fully present in every conversation.  To continually strengthen this skill, we agree to take on a personal daily meditation and journaling practice. How that looks is up to us individually to create.

Be Curious: We agree to get curious about every thought, feeling and situation that you bring into our coaching.  We agree to explore and dissect each situation non-judgmentally.  We agree to cut out judgement words such as "good","bad" and "should" from our vocabulary, and call ourselves out when judgmental thinking slips in. Our commitment is to simply notice what is.  Eventually, this practice will lead us to accept what is, and open you to live in the flow of life rather than fight it.

Be Vulnerable:  We agree to co-create a powerful coaching relationship by showing up vulnerably-- being completely real and honest with one another in what we’re feeling and thinking at every stage. We agree that every conversion is a deep, real conversation. If it doesn't feel deep, we agree to be fully authentic and transparent and to call one another out when the other is holding back and/or not telling the full truth.

Practice Faith: We agree to have faith in an energy outside of ourselves that is ultimately supporting us to create the happy, fulfilled lives we deserve to live. Part of this coaching experience includes developing your faith muscle by allowing you to experience the power of your thoughts and words.  We agree to believe this energy it is accessible to us at every moment through spiritual tools such as positive thinking, meditation, gratitude and prayer.

Express Gratitude: We agree to come from a place of gratitude for what is working and flowing in your work and life, as a prerequisite to voicing that which you'd like to change or expand.  In the inevitable human moments of complaining and self-hate, we agree to flex our gratitude muscle to shift your energy back to your most authentic and pure self: love.

Choose Love: We agree to come from a place of love-- both self-love and love for the other players in our lives. We agree to tell on ourselves when we are coming from fear instead of love. We agree to reflect and acknowledge the loving choice we always have in front of us for any given situation.

Communicate Non-violently: We understand that you can ask for the coaching intensity to be higher or lower at any time. Given that the magic of coaching comes from not always knowing when it is time for high-intensity or low-intensity coaching, we agree to trust when the coach takes risks. We also agree you will consistently communicate your feelings and needs to ensure our coaching relationship is meeting your needs.

Take Personal Responsibility:  Coaching is a 200% game. While we understand that every time we meet is potentially a life-changing experience, you agree to remain fully responsible for your choices, actions, thoughts, and feelings throughout the coaching program. You understand that you have three responses to any request or challenge I set for you: 1- You can say “Yes”; 2- You can say “No”; or 3- You can co-create an alternative. Your intuition ultimately overrides my intuition. We agree that you are your own guru, and that I am simply the guide to connecting with that essence.

Demonstrate Commitment: We agree to make time for at least 1 deep conversation per week.  The timing and length of it depends on what will best serve you in the moment. If we show up more than 5 min late, or the session is canceled without a 24 hr notice, the session is over for that week and will be rescheduled.  We agree to trust that you will leverage your unlimited access via text, e-mail and additional coaching session in the exact moments you need them.

Learning to let go at The Love Summit, Cinncinatti 2017

Learning to let go at The Love Summit, Cinncinatti 2017