Walk. Breathe. Listen.

This hands-on coaching experience will guide you to commune with nature, trust the process, and dig deep into your reserves of confidence to accomplish a physically and mentally challenging task:

  • 891 km of mindful walking
  • 40 days of trust and reflection
  • 90 days of deep questioning of your priorities and re-aligning life with your values

The Camino de Santiago Norte is a spiritual path for many reasons. You need not call a God or faith system by name to reap the benefits of practicing being comfortable in silence, communing in nature and listening to your intuition.

The experience..

Each morning, you grapple with the uncertainty of where you'll sleep tonight, how many km/hours remain, and how you'll ever get yourself to do it all over again tomorrow.

And then you'll reach a breaking point. You'll start to take comfort in silence and find peace in having no agenda other than putting one foot in front of the other.

You'll learn to trust that there will always been one more bed waiting for you. That friends and interesting conversations will appear along the way in the exact moment you need them.  And that the most powerful mentor for your life and business has been speaking from inside you all along.

Answer the call. Drop the distractions. Connect with your truth.

The support..

This 90 day coaching process will mentally prepare you and physically transform you for a new chapter of life business. It will teach you simplicity, gratitude and perspective. It will remind you of your true human nature-- and your powerful mental and physical toughness. Our deep coaching along the will push you transfer this confidence into your daily relationships and creative ventures.

We start with weekly deep coaching conversations, uncovering the gap between your ideal lifestyle and your current daily routine. We will test your why and identify your values. We will reveal the holes in your faith and triggers of insecurity in yourself.

Then, we take put our insights into practice. We will embark on the Camino de Norte as individuals connected to a welcoming support system. This will be your pace, your experience and your path. Walk in tandem or completely alone. Walk 40 km or 40 minutes. Your own rhythm of challenge and trust will reveal itself.

I am not your guru. I am not your tour guide.

I am your confidence guide and permission slip to DO what many people only speak about.

I will weave between peer and coach. There will be moments I walk along side you in search of my own clarity, and others I lead the way a few steps ahead, extending a hand full of honesty and empathy.

The commitment...

This deep coaching experience is an invitation to overhaul your life, including burning your business and relationship if needed to make space for the next iteration of yourself.