I have a unique ability to soften people by being unexpectedly present and positive.

Reaching the "end of the world" at the end of the Camino de Norte. Finesterre, Spain.

Reaching the "end of the world" at the end of the Camino de Norte. Finesterre, Spain.

I'm told this experience is refreshing. For me, I couldn't imagine engaging any other way with another human being-- from dearest friends to total strangers.

I believe we're all connected through a universal energy. I believe that love is the ultimate answer to heal any challenge, discomfort or suffering. I believe we must first love ourselves- truly and deeply- in order to share love with our families, communities, and humanity. I believe our ultimate calling is to deeply connect with and serve other people through collaboration and compassion.

I live life with one foot in the business world, and one foot in the spiritual world. I recognize that being human makes unconditional trust and love incredibly difficult. I focus my personal growth on reprogramming my mind from judgement and fear to acceptance and love. I use my own journey and wisdom to coach my clients to do the same.

I believe the physical body is a vessel to channel our creative talents,  Optimizing our energy through how we fuel and move it is key to reaching our human potential.

I live and value a balanced lifestyle that nourishes my body, mind, and spirit. This includes eating clean Paleo food, pushing my physical limits through functional exercise, cultivating my intuition and ability to be present through daily meditation and journaling, integrating the mind and body through various yoga practices, and spending lots of time in sunlight and salt water.

Snapshot from a coaching day in Dania, Spain. PLAY in action. And self-love, after too many years of body shame.

I'm extremely conscious about what I consume, including digital information and social media. I believe technology is to be selectively applied to increase our capacity for human connection, not numb us from real, vulnerable interactions.

Part of my role as a coach is to consistently push my edge to live my own dreams. My personal ideal lifestyle includes moving freely between beach towns across the world (currently in Ocean Grove, New Jersey). Thanks to the shared economy, I live simply and fit my personal possessions in a suitcase. I only do work that I find FUN. In fact, I'm sitting in the sand, breathing in the salt air as I write this.

What I don't want you to know about me..

I'm a recovering perfectionist. I struggle with not feeling "good enough" and comparing my decisions to traditional expectations. I'm fiercely strong and independent, and struggle to admit that I want to be in deep, romantic love.

Why I love coaching..

I love helping people truly love themselves.

I love sharing my positive energy and creativity to grow a tiny idea spark into a burning entrepreneurial fire.

I love showing entrepreneurial-minded creatives and leaders that there is a way to stop doing work you hate and start creating a business and life that you love.

I love working with my own coach to expand my comfort zone, deepen my identity as a powerful woman, and trust my inner knowing of what is most honest and true.

I dream of a world where..

Every human being is empowered to unlock her purpose to build a sustainable, loving world. Creating a free lifestyle along the way is simply what it looks like to be aligned with a higher energy-- however, it is not the end goal.

A world in which entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and micro-businesses are thriving across cities, sectors, products, and services.  Starting a business with $100 and a laptop is socially accepted, institutionally encouraged, and widely considered.

Employees understand they have choices. Some may choose to work for other businesses/projects/initiatives and do so consciously, understanding they have other viable options to create a body of work and life that they love.

Wealth and power is transferred from concentrated corporations to the individual. This hyper-localized world of commerce and self-employment democratizes communities, creates efficient use of natural resources, rebuilds social relationships, and optimizes the health and wellbeing of the human species and planet Earth. Self-sufficiency and sustainability nurture one another.

At my core, I am a leader.

I graduated Georgetown University with a BS in International Politics and University of Miami with a MA in Education and Social Change.  I'm a Teach for America Miami-Dade alumna, former United Nation Global Compact Project Manager, and Mindfulness Training Facilitator for the Hawn Foundation.

I am founding member of the Rich Litvin 4PC Leadership Group, Marie Forleo B-school Alumna, graduate of the MAD Life Coaching apprenticeship, and 2018 member of the Berkana Institute Warrior for the Human Spirit leadership program.

I'm grateful to have lived this privileged path; each experience led me to the most invaluable life lesson about what truly matters: happiness.

I started to be my authentic self when I stopped chasing these degrees and elite positions and started following my heart. I can help you do the same.